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April 1, 2013
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For Cloud Strife’s Lovers
Reader x Cloud Strife
Short story...
Chapter 1 of 2

   “_______.” It's evening already and you are still enjoying spending your time alone in your room, in the second story of 7th Heaven. You are lying on your stomach over the bed, your eyes are fixed on the pages of a book in front of you, when you hear Tifa’s voice calling you from downstairs: “_______! Come down. Dinner’s ready!”

   “Yes… I’m coming.” You answer and head downstairs. Going down the staircase, you hear her voice again: “_______. Cloud came with some food. You better hurry before we eat it all.”

   “Cloud?!” You look at him with surprise. It’s been two months since the last time you saw him. He was very busy with his job, so you barely see him lately. He often had to stay up very late every night during his shifts, and then wake up really early in the morning to get back to work. But now after seeing his handsome face after a long while, a rosy blush appears on your cheeks… it came up so fast that you didn’t have the time to restrain it. He didn’t even look at you coming down to the bar, but the profile of his face and the idea of him finally being here after all that time made your face warm up.
You’ve always liked him. He’s the one who saved you during the calamity… he took care of you and asked Tifa to keep you safe in her bar. He always was nice to you and treated you very well. He might look like a man of few words, always quiet and cold, but you always knew how nice and caring he is. Is it love at first sight? You don’t know; but you were sure that, from the very first day you both met, your feelings toward him were growing ever stronger every day. You always tried to hide them, but it’s clear now that it’s way more than a mere crush. However, no matter how sincere your feelings are toward him, you never tried to confess them. ‘What if he sees me only as a friend?’ You were afraid that he might become disappointed if you tell him how you feel about him. So you did your best to ignore your feelings. You thought that since he’s too busy with his delivery job, you’ll be able to forget about him. But you realized that you are missing him even more.

   “Cloud! You’re here! Long time no see!” you say as you walk toward the bar counter. “Yeah… hi.” He replies. He looks at you from the corner of his eye just for a brief moment and then back at the food that was placed in front of him. You wanted to sit beside him, but you choose to take the farthest seat from him so he won’t notice your blush. But you are still on the same counter, which makes your heart beat faster. ‘Calm down!’ you order yourself.

   You all start eating, quietly. It seems like no one has anything to say, though there’s lot of thoughts blurring your mind. ‘Hi?! Is that all he could say to me?! After all this time without even seeing his face?! He didn’t even smile at me! I know he doesn’t like to show any interest in anything, but… he’s colder than ever! He didn’t even bother looking at me! Stupid me! What was I thinking?! Why would he even think about some girl like me?!’

   “Got to go.” He breaks that awkward silence with these words and leaves his seat, heading toward the exit. “I’ll see you… sometime soon.”
“Going already?!” Tifa exclaims. “But you just came in, and your plate is still fu-…”
“Sorry Tifa… but I’m really busy today.”
“You mean ‘everyday’.” She replies.

   With every step he takes out of the bar, your heart hurts even more. Tifa notices that, so she addresses you: “Hey, _______. Go, follow him, before he leaves!”
“What? What do you mean?”
“Aren’t you going to tell him about tomorrow? Come on, hurry!”
“Oh… yeah!” you jump off your chair and follow him outside the bar.
“Cloud! Wait!” You say.
He turns to face you. “_______?! What is it?”
“Oh… nothing. It’s just… emm… thank you… for the dinner.”
“No problem.” He says, turning his back to you and heading toward his Fenrir.
“Em… one more thing.” You say. “Well… about tomorrow. The friends are planning on going to the beach, for a picnic. It’s really not much… just some food and drinks, that’s all. So what do you say? Wanna join us?”
“No… I can’t.”
“But… it’s gonna be fun… really. If you don’t like picnics, then we can just go for a walk. It’s okay… we’ll have fun-…”
“Not interested.”
“But Cloud!”
“Would you knock it off already?!”He says, still turning his back to you. He rides his Fenrir and starts it. “_______.” He continues. “Have fun.” He drives away, disappearing from your sight.

   You go back into the bar to find Tifa waiting for you. “So… what did he say? Is he going?”
You shake a ‘no’ with your head and take few steps up the stairs.
“Wait _______! Aren’t you gonna finish your dinner first?!” She asks.
“Not hungry.” You answer, going up to your room.

   Tifa was able to notice how sad your face was after you spoke with Cloud. Even after you have entered your room and disappeared behind the door, she keeps standing at the bottom of the staircase looking up with eyes full of concern. “Cloud! You jerk! What have you done this time?!”

   You fall on your bed and bury your tears in the mattress. You didn’t want Tifa to hear you crying, but you can’t stop sniffing and sobbing: “Cloud! Why are you doing this to me?! I… I love you!”

   In the evening of the next day, all your friends are gathering in the bar. You all have just arrived from the beach picnic, so Tifa suggested a drink to the whole group. She is now behind the counter, taking care of the friends’ orders while Barret, Vincent, Cid, Yuffie, Rude, Reno and you are around the table in the middle of the bar. They all were busy talking and drinking while you are sitting still, not having the right mood to share in any of the conversations. Reno, who is sitting beside you, keeps trying to chat up with you and in each time you try to stay away from him. “Hey, _______. What’s with the face?! Cheer up, girl. Want a drink?”

“Leave me alone, Reno… I’m not in a good mood right now. You better stop bugging me.”
He snakes his arm around your neck and rests it on your shoulder: “I’m not gonna bite you or anything like that, babe. Try to have fun, yo!”
“Rhino! Stop!” you say. It seems like they all heard what you just said, so they start laughing. Reno starts yelling and shouting: “Wha… what?! R… Rhino?! You just called m-?! You… it’s Reno… Re- No, not Rhino! You’re unbelievable, yo!”

   The loud noises of laughing and shouting were suddenly silenced when low steps entered the bar. It was Cloud. Without any greetings, he walks toward the countertop and takes a seat.

   “For some reason, I think you look a little bit like him, you know. You both are mean.” Reno whispers to you. “But, unlike him… you are pretty ya know.”

   ‘Wouldn’t it have been better if Cloud was in his place?’ you think to yourself. ‘Should I forget about him? He didn’t even notice that ‘Rhino’ is flirting with me! That’s if he even sees me.’

“Wanna go out someday? Tomorrow maybe?” Reno asks.
“Emm… okay. Why not? That would be great.” You answer.
“Wow! That was easy! Sweet! Wanna dress something hot, then… yo?”
“Don’t push it, Rhino!”
“Okay, okay, yo… not gonna push it. So… how about a… a kiss?”

   Cloud stares at the shiny top of the counter, not noticing that the glass between his fingers is about to burst into micro-pieces. “Is there something wrong?” Tifa asks him.

   “What?” he says. She smirks and says: “You know… if you’re going to break the glass on purpose, then you’ll have to pay for it.” He looks downward in embarrassment. “Sorry… I don’t mean to.”

   “I know. Cloud… it’s not about the glass. A girl’s heart is pretty fragile… if you break it, you’re going to hurt her, yourself, and you’ll have to pay for the damages.”
“What?! What are you talking about?”
“It’s now or never, Cloud. If you don’t make your move now, somebody else will.” She winks at him and waves with her hand: “Go… come on.”

   You try to escape Reno’s eager attempts to steal a kiss from you, but he never stops begging you. “Come on… one kiss won’t hurt. I promise, once you kiss me, you’ll be begging for more, yo.”

   “_______.” You find Cloud standing next to you. “I need to speak with you… follow me.” He says and walks few steps away. “No!” You say, crossing your arms. Reno smirks at your reaction.
Cloud asks again: “It’s serious. We have to spe-…”
“Not interested.” You answer. “I’m having fun now… you can talk to me later.”
“Now, _______!”
Reno gets in the line: “Dude… she said no… get lost now… we’re busy here, yo!”

   Cloud throws a cold look at Reno making him frown, and he swiftly grabs your arm and pulls you, leading you to the stairs. “Hey, man… What do you think you’re doing yo?!” Reno exclaims. You try to pull yourself away from him, but his grip is too tight for you to escape it. “Let go!” you say, but he refuses. He takes you upstairs and into his room and closes the door behind him. “Tell me now _______... what are you doing?”
“What?! What do you mean?!” you ask.
“Did you enjoy it? Spending time with that fool?”
“The beach was quite enjoyable… we had real fun… even now while we were sitting together… it was fun, until you came.”
“How far did you two go ‘till now?” he asks.
“You?! How dare you speak to me like that?!”
“How dare you let him touch you like that?!” His sharp looks start to soften as his cheeks start slightly blushing after saying these words. “What’s going on between you two?”
“Nothing! It’s none of your business anyway… wait… so you noticed that… and I thought that you don’t even see me.” You say in a sarcastic way.

“Do you like him?” He asks, refusing to look into your eyes.
“What?!” Even though you knew the easy answer, but his question made you become speechless. “I… I’m…”
“Just as I thought… so you do like h-…”
“No! No I don’t.”
“No need to lie to me, _______. It’s just that he’s not the right guy for you… You two are very different…”
“I told you I don’t like him… how would I ever like him when there’s someone else in my life…” You stop immediately, realizing that you have said too much until now.
“Someone else?! May I ask who that is?” He asks, fixing his Mako infused blue eyes back on you, but this time they look a bit softer than before.
“No.” You answer. “Forget about it, Cloud.”

“Do you really love him?!” he asks. You gaze at his wonderful eyes and your heart can’t help but tell how much you loved the charm of their blue: “More than anybody else. I do.” You then shake your head: “Just forget it… I don’t wanna talk about it.” You walk past him and toward the door, when he suddenly grabs your arm once again and turns around, making you look at him.

“Does he love you back?”
“I don’t know… I… I never told him about my feelings. He doesn’t know. But I think that he doesn’t like me… maybe… maybe he even hates me.”
“Hates you?! Why would anybody hate you?”
“I can tell from the way he treats me… he’s always cold and ignorant toward me… but I don’t care anymore.”

   He looks at the sad expression on your figure, so he reaches for your face and caresses it so gently with his fingers: “Well… I think that guy doesn’t even deserve you. He’s crazy for not noticing how beautiful you are.”

   “Cloud!” You are cut as he presses his lips against yours. He moves his arm to your lower back and pulls you closer to him, pinning your body to his chest. His lips are firmly sealed on yours, preventing any breath of air from sneaking in. He kisses you so passionately, making your heart skip a beat. He never showed this much passion to anything before… but this time, he doesn’t want to let go… he wants to be a passionate lover, with you. As you two struggle for some air, he slowly breaks the kiss and looks deep into your eyes… you can’t help but look back at him and drown in the wide blue ocean of his beautiful eyes.

   He starts speaking: “You might have expected these words from someone else, but I want you to hear them from me first. It’s not that I deserve you better than he does, but it’s… it’s because… I love you… I’m sure that I love you more than he does, more than anybody would. I’m sorry I ran away… from my love. I tried to hide it because I thought it’s wrong for me to fall in love… or maybe, I just… I didn’t want to hurt you by being too close to you, because that’s the only thing I’m good at… hurting the ones I love. So I decided I’d forget about you… I even tried to ignore you and stop looking at you… because each time I look at you, I lose myself completely. I know it hurts you when I act cold toward you, but I thought it’d be the best way to forget and let go of my feelings… but I couldn’t… I came to love you even more.”

   “Cloud… do you really mean all that you said? I… I used to laugh at myself when dreaming that someday you’ll say that you love me. You never know how long I’ve waited for you to speak these words…”
“Waited for me? You mean… I am…”
“Yes, Cloud… You are the one. You’re the one I always loved.”

   You two can’t stop staring deep into each other’s eyes, while you brush his handsome figure with the tip of your fingers.
“_______! I’m sorry for all the troubles I caused you… But Reno’s drawing closer to you and laying his hand over you drove me insane… I’m sorry that my confession had to be so sudden and violent… but I had to stop him before he goes too far…”
“So… you’re saying you were jealous, you mighty Cloud Strife?” you smile mischievously at him.
He smiles back, unable to keep his face from heating up. “_______...” he chuckles softly: “How about a kiss?” he asks.

   You let your fingers play with his spiky golden hair, pulling him slowly closer to you. He holds you tight with his strong arms and your lips meet again. Your other hand caresses the taut muscles of his chest, while his hands creep under your shirt and stroke the silky skin of your back. He then starts brushing your jaw down to your neck with his mouth, making you melt after feeling his hot breath blowing against your skin. “I love you.” He whispers and returns to kiss your lips. “I love you too, Cloud” you mumble into the kiss.
“Am I interrupting something?” you look toward the door and find Reno standing there, an evil smirk on his face.
“R- Reno?!” the two of you start blushing wildly. Cloud questions: “When did you…? How long have you been there?”
“Long enough to watch you both kissing.” Reno answers. “So, Cloud. Is this your… ‘Serious’ matter you wanted to speak with _______ about?!”
“Get lost, Rhino.” Cloud says, looking back at you. “I’m busy right now.”
“Rhi… Rhino?! You… UGH! Well, I’m telling about you two, yo!” he turns to go downstairs.

    A silent laugh escapes Cloud's lips and and says to you: “So… where were we?”
“And hey… one more thing.” Reno gets back, stretching his neck in from behind the door. “Can I borrow her for tomorrow… just on a date?”
“You!” Cloud draws his sword and follows the red punk who starts running away. You laugh as you watch Reno running downstairs with all he’s got, panting and shouting: “Rude! Start the helicopter!”
To all Cloud fans... <3
Chapter 1 of 2

I hope you enjoy this short fanfic story...

The characters of this fanfic belong to SQUARE ENIX...

The preview image at the top can be found in my own gallery ( ) to the second and last chapter

Please, forgive any mistakes found in this story ^_^
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