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April 8, 2013
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For Cloud Strife’s Lovers (Chapter 2)
Cloud Strife x Reader
Short story

   ‘Where are you now? Cloud?’ You are standing in the kitchen of the 7th Heaven, busy washing the glasses and letting the water from the faucet run down between your hands. You are being careful so everything may look clean and neat, but in the same time your thoughts are in a mess. The kiss he planted on your lips made your senses so agitated and you can still feel the gentle touch of his fingers across your back. It’s been over a week since the last time you saw him, but you never thought that you could become so thirsty for his lips, eager to drown again in the serene blue heavens of his eyes.

   Your heart flutters erratically each time his face flashes in your mind; ‘Why do I miss him so much?! I know he’s always busy… but even after he confessed his love to me… doesn’t he miss me back? Why doesn’t he come to see me? Why doesn’t he even call?’

“_______?” You hear small steps drawing closer to you.
“Marlene? Denzel? What is it?”
“Where’s Tifa?” asks Marlene.
“Um… I think she went to buy some stuff for the bar. Is there anything I can do for you?”
“We’re bored!” says Denzel.
“Is that so? Hmm, bored?” You turn the faucet off and dry your hands with a towel. “I was wondering…”
“Uh-oh!” Marlene places her fingers on her mouth, hiding her innocent smile. “She’s coming!”

   They start running away when you suddenly leave the towel aside and start chasing after them. The three of you run across the 7th Heaven’s floor, giggling and laughing with all your hearts. “You can’t catch us!” Marlene shouts.
“We’ll see about that.” You say. It’s so good that those two are around; they were able to get you out of that encircling whirl of thoughts that you were lost inside. You all are jumping around crazily, filling the corners of the bar with joyful laughs. “Caught ya!” you say, holding the cute little girl in your arms. “And you thought you could get away from me!”

“Don’t worry, Marlene! I will save you!” Denzel runs toward you and starts tickling you, making you laugh uncontrollably. “Denzel, stop! I’m so ticklish… please, stop!” You giggle.
“I won’t stop until you let go of Marlene. When Cloud is not here, I am responsible; and I will protect Marlene!” He says, trying to imitate Cloud’s serious face, but his cute smile is always dominant.
“Let’s see who is gonna save you!” You take him with your other arm and start cuddling the two kids. They hug you so tight and say: “We love you, _______.”
“I love you too.” You reply.

“Ehem… sorry for interrupting. Where can I find Miss _______?” A man opens the door of the bar and walks in.
You stand straight and fix your clothes with your hands: “I am _______… how can I help y-… Cloud?!”
“Cloud!” The kids shout, run to him and wrap their arms around his legs. “We missed you so much!”
“I missed you too, Marlene, Denzel. Are you giving _______ a hard time?”
“No, we were just playing. I was pretending to be you, the Hero of the House.” Denzel says, clenching a small fist in front of his face.
Cloud kneels on the floor, in front of Denzel: “Really? A hero? So, tell me… where’s your girl?”
“Girl?!” Denzel asks.
“Yeah. Every hero must have a girl that he should protect whenever she’s in danger.”
“Um… I was trying to protect Marlene… so I think… I think that she is… she is the girl. Right?” Denzel starts blushing deeply.
“See… that’s what heroes do. Great job, Denzel.” Cloud gives Denzel a light stroke on the head. “I’m proud of you.”

“So, Cloud. Who’s your girl?” Marlene asks.
Cloud smiles timidly at her question: “You will probably figure it out, soon.”
“Is she pretty?”
“The fairest of them all.” He answers.
“Do you love her?”
“I adore her, and I want her to know that. I feel really awful though… because I don’t see her lately. I really wish she forgives me… I miss her so bad.”
“Are you going to marry her?”
“Well, if she accepts me… then yes, I am.”
He looks at you and notices the coy blush on your figure. He stands up and walks slowly closer to you.

“Hi, Cloud.” You smile gently.
“How’ve you been, _______?”
“I’m fine, thank you. Why don’t you come more often? This is your home too, you know.”
“Sorry, but I’ve been really busy lately.”
“I… We… we missed you, Cloud.”
“I missed you more, _______.” He looks downward for a moment as a hint of light red appears on his cheeks. “By the way, before I forget… somebody has sent you this box.” He handles you a small box that is wrapped very carefully. “Who’s this from?” you ask.
“I don’t know… it doesn’t say. It only has your name on it.” He says.
“Really?” You lift your eyebrow questioningly.
“But whoever sent it, you sure mean a lot to him.” He adds.
“I doubt it.” You say. “Anyways… wanna stay for a drink?”
“No… I have to get back to work. See ya.”
“Yeah. See ya.” You sigh quietly as you watch him once again walking out of the bar.

(In your bedroom)
   You sit on your bed and take the box into your hands, impatient to know what’s inside it. You open it to find a small black velvet box lying in the bottom. Your fingers shudder as they take hold of the box; you open it and a great surprise strikes you; a beautiful shiny silver ring crowned with a breathtaking sparkling diamond. Your heart starts racing as you slowly touch the curved shape of the ring. You take it and slide it carefully onto your finger. It fits perfectly around it; it’s like, after studying and memorizing the delicate contours of your fingers with his hands, he was able to choose the right ring.

   Your eyes are completely blinded, not by the wonderful splendor of the diamond, but by the warm tears that are blurring your sight. Through that thick layer of tears, your eyes glimpse a note that is still in the bottom of the larger box. You reach for it and open it. Four words were written in there, but they were more than enough to let the tears that you were trying to hang behind your eyelids finally fall onto your cheeks. It reads: “Will you marry me?”

   You smile widely and deliver a slight giggle from your mouth. You pin the small paper to your heart and fall back over the bed. “Yes Cloud… yes I will.”

   It’s 11:30 pm already, and you are still helping Tifa taking the customers’ orders and cleaning the tables, when the phone starts ringing. “I’ll take it.” Tifa says.
“Hello… you’ve reached the 7th Heaven bar… how can I-… Ah, it’s you. Right now? Okay. By the way… good luck and have a good night.” She chuckles softly and hangs up. “Hey, _______. You can go to sleep now.” She says.
“Now?! What about the customers?”
“Leave them to me. I know you’re tired.”
“No I’m not… I’ll stay up and help you cleaning.”
“Na-ah. You’re going to have some rest, just for today… it’s late anyway.”
“Okay Tifa… whatever you say. Goodnight.” You head to the stairs, but before you disappear from her sight, she says to you: “Hey, _______... enjoy… and have a goodnight!”
You give her a quizzical look, but then you decide to ignore her enigmatic words, taking your steps to the second floor. You go into your room and turn the lights on. You gasp in shock when you see someone sleeping in your bed. You walk slowly to the side of the bed in order to find out who that person is, but his/her face is totally covered with the blanket. Considering the size of the body, it cannot be one of the kids. But who could this be? You glimpse a single strand of golden hair appearing from under the blanket; you try to uncover the face when he suddenly grips your wrist and pulls you down to the bed, next to him.

“Cloud?! What are you doing here?!”
“What? You asked me why I don’t come here more often, so here I am.”
“No… I mean… you surprised me. I didn’t expect you to be here, in my room, on… my… bed.”
“Well… I came to hear your response.”
“My… response?”
“You mean this?” You lift your right hand from under the blanket, showing the ring around your finger.
He smiles and says: “So what… that doesn’t prove anything… you have to say it.” He says.
“Say what?”
“The answer of the question I wrote in the note.”
You fold your arms around his neck and pout, making a cute puppy face: “What note? I don’t know what you’re talking about?”
“Come on, _______! I really need to hear your response.”
“An impatient boy you are! A long time I’ve been waiting for you, so it’s okay if you wait for me.” You say. He plays the same puppy face as you did. He looks just so cute when his blue cat-eyes widen, sparkling with so much innocence. “Okay, okay… you continue. “But then, you’ll have to ask me again. I mean, this is how far you’ve got until now, lying in my bed, and you still can’t ask such a simple question!”
“It’s not as simple as you think it is, _______.”
“Then, try… and I promise, I won’t disappoint you.”
“Okay.” He takes a deep breath and gazes deep into your eyes: “_______. Will you… [sighs] will you marry me?”

   You stretch your neck and kiss him gently on his lips. “Yes… I will… I will marry you, Cloud.”
“_______.” He holds you tight against his chest and whispers in your ear: “I love you.” You enjoy his warmth as you snuggle into the strong muscles of his chest. “Cloud… why didn’t you call first? You scared me when I saw you sleeping here.”
“I did… I called Tifa.”
“So you’re the one that Tifa was talking to on the phone!”
“Yeah… I wanted it to be a surprise.”
“Very surprising indeed. So you two were planning for this! How did you come in here anyways?!”
“Through the window. See what your love has done to me? Now I look like a thief, sneaking in to steal my love away.”
“Then, I’ll have to lock the window for the next time.”

   He leans upwards, letting his leg drape over you, and he bends on top of you.  “Is that how much you hate me?!”
“Maybe…” you say, chuckling.
“Then I’ll teach you how to love me.” He says and presses his lips on yours. You place both your hands on his bare chest, feeling the increasing heartbeats of his. He burrows his hands under your back and pulls you up to meet his body. “Do you love me now?” he asks, his lips brush yours as he mutters.
“I always did, Cloud… and I will forever love you.”
For all Cloud Strife's Lovers
Reader X Cloud Strife

I never thought I'd do a second chapter of this story, but it was :iconnany-elric: 's idea to write a continuation of the story.
So I did... and here it is... Thank you so much :iconnany-elric:...

I do not own the characters... they belong to SquareEnix

Thank you so much for reading my story... :heart:

The preview image at the top is a drawing of mine; it can be found in my gallery

You may find some grammatical mistakes in this story... so I hope you forgive me :/ to the first chapter.
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